The Norwegian Navy celebrates 200 years

The Norwegian Navy celebrates 200 years
Strength and presence at sea has been an integral part of Norwegian history since the Viking age, yet it was not until 12. April 1814 the Norwegian Navy established a common, national leadership.

About time: Norwegian territorial waters are 7 times the size of Norway's land area.

Norway has the second longest coast line of any country in the world, and the sea has played a vital part in the lives of Norwegians ever since people first settled here. Today, natural resources from the sea still constitute the foundation of the Norwegian economy: Norway exports fish, oil and gas for more than 650 billion NOK per year.

Defending this – by enforcing the sovereignty and integrity of Norwegian territorial waters – is the Norwegian Navy’s main task. In addition, the Navy participates in international operations; most recently aiding in the protection of both Norwegian and international shipping traffic against piracy in the Aden Bay, and transporting seized chemical weapons from Syria.

The future brings new challenges, and the Navy is continuously developing and preparing to meet these. Continued cooperation with our allies and a modern fleet ensures the Norwegian Navy will be ready to defend Norwegian interests also in the coming years and decades.

The celebrations begin in Bergen on Saturday 12. April, with concerts, exhibitions of Norwegian and international vessels, and more. There will also be celebrations in Oslo 9.-11. May and Tromsø 7. June.

​Program Oslo - Saturday May 10
​1100 - 1500 Exhibitions of Norwegian and international Navy vessesls and displays for the whole family
​1145 ​Opening speach by the Chief of the Norwegian navy
​1150 Opening concert by the Norwegian Navy Band
​1200 - 1400 Treasure hunt for the younger ones
​1300 ​Display by the Naval Special Operations Command
​1315 - 1420 ​Tug of war by Norwegian Navy personnel
​1430 ​Show by Captain Redbeard("Kaptein Rødskjegg")
​1515 ​Concert with D`Sound
​1600 ​Exhibition ends