Illustrasjonsbilde - Sea
Advanced and modern vessels are essential for the Navy in order to protect Norwegian resources and maintain security.
 Frigate: Fridtjof Nansen-class


Frigate - Fridjof Nansen-class​ ​
​Dimensions 134 m (length) - 16.8 m (width) - 31 m (max height) - 7.6 m (draught)​
​Dsiplacement ​5,290 tons
​Crew ​120+
​Speed ​26 knots
The frigates are equipped to fight in all maritime warfare areas, anti-aircraft, at the surface and under water. Within the next couple of years, the frigates will be supplemented with NH90 helicopters. This will make the frigates very flexible units with a major potential for participating in both national and international operations. The last of five frigates was handed over to the Navy in January 2011.

Coastal corvette: Skjold-class

Coastal corvette 

Coastal corvette - Skjold-class​ ​
​Dimensions ​47.5 m (length) - 13.5 m (width) - 15 m (max height) - 2.5 m (draught)
​Displacement ​273 tons
​Crew ​20+
​Speed ​47 knots (transit). Max: 60 knots
The coastal corvettes’ primary tasks in peacetime are credible presence and keeping sovereignty in Norwegian waters. Otherwise the very mobile vessels are well suited for search and rescue operations, and to support special forces close to the coast. At the end of 2011, the Navy will have six vessels of the Skjold-class.

Submarine: Ula-class

Ubåt Ula-klassen 

Submarine - Ula-class​ ​
​Dimensions ​59 m (length) - 5.4 m (width) - 4.6 m (depth) 
​Displacement ​1,040 tons (surfaced) - 1,150 tons (submerged)
​Crew ​21+
​Speed ​11 knots (surfaced). 23 knots (submerged)
The Ula-class makes it possible to operate in the entire maritime domain, including under water. The vessels can operate undisclosed over longer periods of time. They are hard to detect and have the ability to tie up significant hostile resources. The Navy has six submarines which are currently being upgraded in order to be operational until 2020.

Mine-clearance vessels: Oksøy-class and Alta-class

Mine-clearance vessel 

Mine-clearance vessels - Oksøy- and Alta-class​ ​
​Dimensions ​55.2 m (length) - 13.6 m (width) - 21 m (height) - 2.5 m (draught)
​Displacement ​375 tons
​Crew ​32+
​Speed ​23 knots

The Navy operates six mine-clearance vessels: three minesweepers (Alta-class) and three mine-hunting vessels (Oksøy-class). The mine-clearance vessels’ tasks are to keep national and international waters clear of mines. Normally the Navy always has one mine-clearance vessels in NATO’s standing mine-clearance force. The vessels cooperate closely with mine-hunting diver command in operations which include mine-hunting dives and explosive clearing.

Logistics vessel: KNM Valkyrien

KNM Valkyrien 

Logistics vessel KNM Valkyrien​ ​
Dimensions​ ​68 m (length) - 14.5 m (width) - 5 m (draught)
​Displacement ​3,500 tons
​Crew ​26+
​Speed ​16 knots
KNM Valkyrien is equipped to solve a number of different tasks, like supplies, technical maintenance, towing operations and other types of assistance for the Navy’s battleships.

Coast guard vessels

KV Svalbard 

Coast guard vessels (KV Svalbard)​ ​
​Dimensions ​103.7 m (length) - 19.1 m (width) - 6.5 m (draught)
​Displacement ​6,375 tons
​Crew ​48+
​Speed ​18 knots

The Coast guard’s fleet consists of several different vessels with various capacities. In total the Coast guard commands 13 vessels of different classes.